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Darby is the matriarch of the crew and is semi-retired, but can still pose and ham it up for the camera.  She is a very gentle dog, always quiet in her demeanor.   Darby loves attention-belly rubs are a favorite.  She is very accepting of people and other animals.


    Trevar is a very laid back gentleman.  He loves people and other animals that approach calmly or with normal curiosity.  He is a very accepting guy who enjoys attention (although he often seeks it in casual ways).  Trevar is not much of a barker but will speak his mind on command or if he wants some good old fashion attention/food.  He readily follows and easily learns new tasks-he seems to enjoy the challenge.  Trevar is highly motivated by praise and especially food. 


    Where to begin?  Trevar loves to climb and balance high up on objects.  He has no fear of heights and often seeks out high places.  He has invented his own game of hide under the blanket and entices everyone (dogs and humans) to “get him.”  He likes to hide.Trevar also can be riled up to bark and dance about with certain cue words.  Trevar also enjoys pressing his head against people and scratching, affectionately known as “head butts.”  He will jump into a human’s arms (when kneeling) upon request, and don’t go looking for objects on the floor because he will seize the moment and you may end up with a Scottie on your back, sitting ever so proudly.

Trevar is a therapy dog and accompanies me and our other dogs on book signings and festivals.  Trevar continues to learn new commands and tricks daily. He has attended and continues to attend dog training classes regularly.  He has passed his Canine Good Citizen test twice.

 Talents include but are not limited to…basic obedience-sit, stay, come, down, heel, shake paw, give high five, spin left and right on verbal or hand commands,  “up,”  “go through” without hesitation, climbs graduated ladders and stairs,  “wait,”  maneuvers agility equipment with ease-tunnels, cat walk, teeter, scales boards, “talks” on request, jumps straight up in the air as well as through and over objects, “watch me,” “leave it,” touch objects with nose or paw as requested, stands on command, takes a bow, “find it,” loves to ride in carts, “take it,” “come see” garners great response, and he is learning to ride a scooter.   So much more!!!!


    Rori, a West Highland Terrier,  is very outgoing and animated.  Her tail wags almost constantly especially when spoken to or being applauded.  She may be initially reserved with some folks and cautious with some animals but is easily brought to comfort by direction and commands, quickly responding with her outgoing personality.  Rori is very verbal when happy which is 99.9% of the time, exhibiting a wide variety of sounds which can be replicated with some commands.  She is very attentive to her owner and responds well to directions.  She not only loves to perform, but enjoys posing as well.


    Wow!  Rori has always been so quick to learn and shows her pleasure in her accomplishment with her antics. I can’t think of one activity that Rori would not try with encouragement.  As stated she is very animated and expressive, and is capable of demonstrating a wide variety of emotions.  Her repertoire continues to grow daily.  
     Talents include but there are no limits for this girl…basic obedience-sit, stay, down, heel, come, swing, give left or right paw on request, wave with paw, bows, spin left or right with verbal or hand command, dance on hind legs, “find it” with just about anything, can choose specific toys by name, gives high five or ten, “watch me,” “leave it,” “roll over,” plays dead and even plays slightly dead (offers a tail wag on request), prays with paws raised, jumps “up” and “through,” jumps through hoop, climbs graduated ladder , walks high walls with ease, “come see” illicits curious and fun response, stands, “paws up,” rolls over, knows “out” and “drop it,” tosses toy when asked when playing fetch, takes object, crawls, learning to brush face with paw, goes through tunnels, moves backward, touches selected object with nose or paw upon request, learning to ride a scooter and learning to shake head yes/no.  Rori will lavish with smooches when asked.

 And the list could go on and on…. Rori is working on becoming an “official” therapy dog at this time, working at a local hospital.  She also continues formal training by attending numerous dog classes periodically.  Rori has her Canine Good Citizen title and continues to love to learn and perform.  She accompanies me on book signings and festivals.


Professional credits;

Rori played the part of Belle, in the Strawberry Playhouse’s theatrical production of The Miracle Worker.


      Maddie, a West Highland Terrier, is the youngest of all the crew and is really blossoming in her training.  She is very affectionate when comfortable and often offers “hugs” on request.  She is initially shy and a bit cautious in new situations but is learning that the world is a fun place, and is readily brought to comfort through commands. She likes to be held and often will climb up on a lap to just sit and watch the world.  She is a sweet natured little girl who is building her confidence.


     Maddie has completed formal obedience training and finished second in a class of mostly adult dogs (she was still a pup).  She learns quickly and loves the attention and fuss.  She is highly motivated by food and attention.  

  Talents include but are not limited to the following; sit, down, stand, come, swing, heel, “leave it,” “sit pretty” (a must see), “watch me,” “shake paw,” talks in a unique voice-soft and loud by verbal or hand signals, jumps through hoop, goes through tunnel, touches object with nose and learning to touch with paw, responds quickly to “come see,” “paws up,” “hop up,” crawls, bows, spins right and/or left with verbal or hand signals, rolls over,  climbs a graduated ladder, walks on high walls, and more.

  We are presently honing her skills of turning head for “no,” dead dog (going limp), waving with paw, praying, and so many more.  Maddie is an adorable little Westie, who can croon in the silliest of tunes.  She will happily offer smooches and maybe a little affectionate nibble on an ear.  If held and spoken to in a soft voice she will often go placid and blink her eyes as if drifting to sleep. She’s a cuddler.

  Maddie will hopefully be taking her Canine Good Citizen test soon.  She will be accompanying Trevar, Rori, and myself on future book signings, and speaking engagements.